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Super Juicy News :-)

Just got this in my email:

Best Free iOS Apps & Games is a group of apps and games that are liked by our readers, chosen by our editors and have achieved a high AppScore on AppMyWorld. AppScores are calculated by aggregating professional reviews from around the web to give an objective look at an app or game’s quality. Super Juicy has a 97 AppScore and Super Juicy HD has a 90 AppScore.

Touch Gaming Magazine

Touch Gaming Magazine is an iPad magazine about games on the ios platforms. We found out about TGM when they contacted us about a possible future article (hint hint!). Anyway, check it out on your iPad; they do a really nice job! And best of all its FREE!

Touch Gaming Magazine
Touch Gaming Magazine 2

Introducing: Piggy Bounce!

Piggy Bounce is a game for Windows Phone 7 where you try to climb as high as you can by bouncing from platform to platform. This game was 100% programmed by Brandon Hjelstrom who is only 14! He developed the game using XNA for the windows phone 7 and released it about a month ago. Since then the game has been on an incredible journey up the charts and today it sits at position #12 of all free windows phone games! The game is completely free to play so if you have a windows phone, give it a try!

PiggyBounceRank PiggyBounceScreen

New review for Super Fly!

The folks over at FindMySoft just did a review of Super Fly for the iPad! They gave it an ‘excellent’ 5/5 rating! Best quote:

So to sum it up, in this terribly amusing and highly addictive game you get to control a green fly and battle waves and waves of enemies. You get to collect coins and spend them on cool weapons and gear. It is one of the best games you could get.

Head over and read the full review! FindMySoft

Ready to submit update 1.5 for Super Juicy

The beta testing team has nearly finished approving the latest update! Here are the things that are new with this version of Super Juicy:

– Brand new music tracks composed by Vince Webb! He did a really great job on these!
– Multiplayer! Challenge a friend to a quick game of super juicy.
– Some new effects such as a screen shake when you use a bomb or attack your opponent in multiplayer
– More bugfixes :-)

Notice the new button! :-)

Notice the new button! :-)

Reviews coming in for the new Super Juicy 1.3!

We’re starting to get some reviews for the new version!

TouchGen 5/5! I think that Super Juicy may just be the Doodle Jump of match-3 games! It’s 99 cents. Go buy it.

The Daily App Show: Watch the video review!

iPhone Application List: Recommended!

iPhoneFootprint: Super Juicy brings super fun to the iPhone!

I was simply blown away by the TouchGen review. They had some extremely nice things to say about the game so definitely check that one out! We’re expecting some more any day now so I’ll update this as they come in.

Super Juicy 1.3 now available!