Windows Phone 7

We just released a new version of Super Juicy for Windows Phone 7! It has been a lot of fun developing for WP7. Microsoft has created a very cool system and development tools. You can get the game for free right now in the marketplace and it is ad supported. We will be releasing a “Pro” version for those of you who don’t like ads! If you have a WP7 phone go check it out!


Whats-Hot! Super Fly HD!

Super Fly HD is now in the “Whats Hot” games section in the iPad store!

SuperFly themed iPhone4 Background!

A fan of Super Fly has created this cool Super-Fly wallpaper, perfect for your iphone 4! Many thanks to KBOT1701 for making this!


New and Noteworthy!

Super Fly HD is in the New and Noteworthy category in the iPad app store today! It has been steadily climbing the charts and is at #37 today!


New Year App Blowout!

We’ve joined with some fellow indie iphone developers and added Super Fly to the third annual “New Year App Blowout”! There are a bunch of great indie games on sale; be sure to check it out:

New Year App Blowout

Super Fly in the Top 25!!!

Super Fly is being given away for free right now and has reached the top 25 of the overall app store! Almost a million games of Super Fly have been played in the last two days alone!

Super Fly in the top 25 of overall apps in the app store!

Super Fly in the top 25 of overall apps in the app store!

Super Fly News and another Review for Super Juicy!